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LONA - Brandão & Sequeira

The Beach is our Beach!

The stripes mark the trend. The colors, the patterns and the maritime motifs are reminiscent of summer time, with sun, sea and friends. So is LONA, a 100% Portuguese brand, who arrived twelve years ago to market and has already conquered the world. With articles for beach, pool, home textile and even some fashion accessories, presents an innovative and sustainable concept, through recovery and reinvention of the traditional canvas.

Aim to the World!

In fact, the design of the first catalogues and the participation in international fairs were essential to the departure in search of external markets, which now weigh about 90% on the turnover of LONA.

LONA brand is already present with agents in Japan, Australia, South Korea and France. With sales for whole Europe, Panama and Costa Rica, recently made a push in the market of the United States having now in perspective markets like Colombia and Chile.

Fashion in Stripes!

Based in Braga, Brandão & Sequeira has undergoing the registration process for LONA brand in Europe and the USA. Although young, the company has being developed to ride the momentum based on product quality, competitiveness and credibility with which presents itself to the market. While growing LONA has diversified the range of articles with solutions to beach, pool, home textile and fashion.

Between puff's, pillows, hammocks, chairs, tables, windscreens, sunshades, beach bags or bags for urban men and women, there are many options that share the canvas, the stripes, the summer colors and patterns with reasons to do remember the sea, the sand and the sun. "The beach is our beach" motto for LONA has sought to reinvent these traditional items with a touch of contemporary culture and innovation.

Successful choices!

The goal is to take advantage of the potential of canvas and materials like the eucalyptus to offer a differentiated and versatile product. The chairs, for example, uses the eucalyptus which is an ideal wood for outdoor and a 100% cotton canvas fabric, weighing 490 grams per m2, which is easily washed and replaced

The big secret to the brand success is a rigorous selection of raw materials with usage of traditional manufacturing techniques, which give to the products an authentic aspect of old times.

LONA in Portugal!

LONA is present in Portugal, in multi-brand shops from North to South of the country. Growing in the domestic market, the brand has been the choice of several designers to adorn tourist and cultural spaces. It is present in the Hotel Design in Cascais, on Casa Amora in Lisbon and at the Resort Casa Mãe in Lagos. on the Mercado da Ribeira, in Lisbon, the chef's wear LONA aprons.

LONA in France!

In France LONA brand is present by DCB Groupe, company from which LONA is a partner, a company that operates across the French market and has a showroom of our products in their headquarters in Saint Philbert de Grand Lieu, location situated strategically in Loire-Atlantique.

LONA in the world!

Available in online sales platforms as Westwing, Amazon, Vivre Deco, Shoppable, Dalani, Bonami, Monoqi and Decovry, LONA is also present in multi-brand stores in Europe (Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and Ireland), in Africa (South Africa, Angola and Mozambique), in Asia (United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Japan), Oceania (Australia) and in America (Brazil, Costa Rica , Panama, Canada and United States).

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